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Removing the roadblocks that keep great startups from becoming great sustainable companies

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How can Breakthru Center help you?

The Breakthru Center has virtual and physical components. This website offers the latest in thinking on the challenges and opportunities for second stage growth – something that Kline believes is one of the major economic drivers of the 21st Century.  Explore and contribute to the blogs “Breakthru Conversations”, which cover the overall issues on business in general and second stage growth in particular.

The website and social media network provide free and membership-driven spaces for people to learn from experts on the latest thinking on growing a business—as well as share their own experiences and ask for information. In addition, we will sponsor and partner to sponsor conferences and workshops throughout the West and Southwest aimed at providing useful information and ongoing support for businesses as they grow.

For more information see:

Breakthru Center Vision and Mission

Breakthru Center History

Breakthru Center Founder and CEO Barbara Kline

I Break Thru! – a Special Place for Women Business Leaders

Breakthru Center is the focal point for creating, assembling and disseminating information on how to scale businesses from start up to sustainable enterprise.

Register for our site, read and comment our blogs and discover all the ways that  Breakthru Center can help you.

Check out our active blogs: Breakthru Conversations covering second stage company issues and opportunities and I Break Thru! with the latest research, opinions and news about women at the helm.