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Big Brother on Steroids: How Big Data Analyzes Your Every Online Action and Whether or not It’s a Good Thing


This article in The Atlantic provides a breathtakingly comprehensive view of how big data is being used to analyze one’s attractiveness as an employee – and whether or not it is a good thing. As with any technology, this kind of program can be used for good or for bad, depending on the user and the point of view.

Truth in Packaging – Lessons for the investor and the entrepreneur


The article below was published recently in a New Mexico Angels newsletter. While written to investors, it also has value for anyone contemplating asking for money.

Doug Vaughn may not have been totally upstanding regarding the deal he was offering (and thus know in advance that he didn’t have the right answers to the questions), but the questions asked by the Angels are clearly questions that could be asked of any business proposal by any investor: can you really do what you say? Can you prove it?

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