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Why Women AND Men Business Owners Should Be On Pinterest


Here at Breakthru, we are constantly searching the net for other great writers.  Here's today's bit of biz chat.

Ever wonder why Pinterest is going so rapidly?  Did you know that in the US, it has a massive 4377% growth rate? Those kind of numbers mean you should care.

Follow the link to Roberta Falkner's site as she explains more about this phenom.

Stars or Black Holes?


Finding the Real Opportunities

by Lanny Goodman, CEO
Management Technologies,Inc.

One day it hits’re not in survival mode any more.

You have products and services, you have customers, you have production capacity, you’re generating more cash than you are consuming. 

Wow!  What a great feeling.

You’ve cleared an important hurdle, but new challenges await.

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PR Moves Front and Center Again


What did Silicon Valley know that the “world” of marketing is finally beginning to understand?  Only that having a great story and telling it well can generate more visibility—and credibility—faster and with less expense than an advertising campaign.  All marketing vehicles have their place, and this story offers a very good primer on the hows, whys and results of engaging with outstanding PR-based strategists.

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